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Adela was born in Israel in 1955, immigrated to Canada at the age of 10. During her adolescent years she discovered Graphic Art & Photography. She earned a Graphic Arts Diploma and was employed by Reader's Digest where she produced two books on Canada's nature.

Years of travel to Asia, Europe and the Middle East, exposed her to the many cultures and inspired her to pursue and express her artistic talent.

Settling in the southern part of Israel and influenced by the natural environment of the desert and the Red Sea. Adela's choice of medium was unusual desert stones on which she painted using acrylic colors.

Relocating to the Caribbean Island of Martinique is where her true talent surfaced. She was greatly influenced by African Culture and the tropical environment she used bamboo as a medium to create masks. The bamboos earned her recognition on the Island which led to commissions by two local corporations to create and design murals for their conference rooms, waiting rooms and offices.

Adela has since branched out, expressing her art on canvas and on a unique medium of old oaken boards used in the fabrication of Rum casks called "barrel staves."