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Cesar Garcia was born in Havana, Cuba in 1961; his first encounter with the arts was through his uncle, a Cuban Artist who learned his trade at the world-renowned San Alejandro Academy of Arts. Garcia moved to the United States in 1969 and has never forgotten those moments that as a child he experienced in his uncle's studio: images that live in him and are always a part of him.

Garcia's passion for the arts has always lived in his heart and soul, every minute of his life. His fascination with the great masters has helped him better understand the need to express himself in a totally different form.
His inclination is unique. His work is of a figurative nature in a surrealist style, which marks a panorama of complex creativity yet, simple presentation of form and composition. His work touches the inner soul of various cultures with all its ethnic influences. His attack upon the painting's surface is conceived after a process of inspiration from within.
He analyzes his feelings and state of mind that preoccupies the artistic arrangement of forms, inner language and symbols. Garcia describes his work as being the ultimate antithesis of classical form. He paints with his soul and imagination and tells a story on every single occasion.

His work can be found in several public collections including the Division of Cultural Affairs (State Art Collection) Tallahassee, Florida, Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport, Connecticut, University of Miami (Casa Bacardi) Institute for Cuban and Cuban-America Studies, Village of Wellington (Art in Public Places) and many other institutions, foundations and recognized collections rendering him an important Cuban-American artist of his generation.


Being an artist is an endless soul searching quest.

I create out of need and joy which reflects in my work. I lose myself from all mundane feelings and then I find myself in a whole new inner world of symbols, figures, forms, color and expression of my ultimate intimacy.

To be self-taught is an advantage rather than a hindrance. If there is a rule in formal training, it can be broken and taken to another level. All art communicates in my opinion, even if it's simply to capture the beauty of the moment. My art speaks in different languages to those who are open to receive their own personal message in it.

I often think about the value of art in our culture. We tend to value things that are rare and have a style and personality of their own. As an artist, I am conscious of why I create art the way I do. I am looking for a meaningful way to represent not only the world I live in, but also, the way I perceive my own inner soul. The art becomes not just about the artist, but also about the viewer.

November 4, 2008, Press Release, TIME DILATION, Solo Exhibition, new works by Cuban-American Artist, Cesar Garcia.




Byron Keith Byrd was born on a 500 acre farm in north Georgia in 1959.  While a student at La Fayette High school, he took private art lessons and served as president of the Art Club for two years.  He then obtained a BA degree in Fine Art from the University of West Georgia in Carrollton. Upon graduating, he moved to New York City and had his debut show on Madison Avenue within one year.  In addition to the many group and one-person exhibitions, he was commissioned by the Helmsely Palace Hotel to create paintings for the four VIP triplex suites.  

While his art may be found in various public and private collections around the world, he is also the author of several illustrated books by Rizzoli International Publications and has lectured for The National Arts Club in Manhattan. Byron divides his time between New York City, Miami Beach and Las Vegas.