Ellen Charapko Gallery







Born and raised in southern California, I have been an artist all of my life. I have explored all mediums of art from sketch to sculpture. In photography and through the use of Photoshop I found I could channel different mediums and artistic energies into one creation with out any limitations. I have a passion for aged destruction, the feeling and textures of the 1800's and older mixed with some thing soft or modern. When creating an art piece I go into another realm of thinking a suspension of normal rules, with freedom and symbolism, romanticizing sadness with divergent thought processes. Only through art can even misery become a pleasure.

In 1998, I obtained my degree in illustration and advertising photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Moving to LA after graduation I worked as a professional photographer and artist for the past ten years. Now in Fort Lauderdale I am focusing all of my energy on the creation of different series of art work.

I have won numerous awards for my photography and other artistic creations. They have been displayed in galleries, Museums, exhibitions and magazines. I am always pushing to evolve the depth of ideas and detail I put into my art. I do extensive research into the various subjects that I bring to life in my work.

Throughout my work, I try to deliver more than a picture to my viewers, but rather an invitation to enter the world of my perception. Each piece works as a portal into a different realm of the human psyche. These works illustrate my interests and fears decorated with the bewilderment and awe for the beauty and intrigue hidden within the images of everyday life. The viewer is best able to embrace the true essence of my work once they allow themselves to dwell in it, exploring the sharp contrasts of life, death, hope and despair that are tailored into the emotions of the human experience. Combining a collection of different abstracted photographs with paintings and drawings I illustrate stories of mythical fantasy combined with gut reaching reality. Through this combination of reality and fantasy, I try to create little surreal worlds for the viewer's imagination to dance in.