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Fredrik Nilsson was born in Malmö, Sweden February 4, 1978.

In 1984 his grandfather, Fredrik's talent, advised him to pursue his creative abilities by encouraging him to sketch. He also introduced Fredrik to photography and presented him with a camera manufactured in the 1930's. To this day Fredrik still has an affinity towards antique cameras and traditional film.

During his school years Fredrik persistently developed his sketching and drawing skills. He also became involved with stage design for theater performances, but, black and white photography always remained a constant source of creativity.

In 2003 Fredrik was introduced to Emil Schildt, the guru of black and white photography at the school of fine arts at Hojskole in Vrå, Jutland, Denmark. Emil recognized Fredrik's serious interest in photography and began to personally tutor him in the techniques of black and while photography. They experimented painting with light and used natural colors: wine, coffee, ashes and fluid emulsion.

In 2004 Emil Schildt urged Fredrik to become part of a group exhibition in Sweden. In February 2006 he exhibited for the first time in Germany and thus began to receive attention from private and corporate collectors.

Fredrik Nilsson's artwork can be seen in New York, Chicago, Washington, Frankfurt, Zurich and Paris, among others.

In his personal life Fredrik devotes a portion of his time to encourage young people in his hometown of Malmö with drug and alcohol problems. Through the use of photography, he helps give them a new meaning to life by encouraging them to pursue their own talents.


Photograph of Fredrik Nilsson
© 2007 Walter S. Stephenson