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Wilton Manors (Ft Lauderdale), Florida, Oct 28, 2009_____________ ELLEN CHARAPKO GALLERY will present a Solo Exhibition of the latest works of German born artist, Henning Haupt. Search for Space - Paintings 2009, will be on display from Nov. 20th through Dec. 14th, 2009.

The public is invited to the gallery for an art walk reception on Friday, Nov 20, 2009, 7 – 10 p.m. The artist, Henning Haupt, will be present.

Space is truly the final frontier and Henning Haupt has set out to explore as much of it as he can, using only a brush on canvas. Combining his imagination with his own special formula oil paint, Haupt has achieved on canvas, a dreamlike splendor. Soft blending blurs of color invite you into Haupt’s special world of visual galactic, color-space, in which whirling colors move about through space creating an endless luminous universe. Soothing and perplexing, Haupt’s paintings will entice you to ponder infinity in a new and wonderful way.

Haupt is also an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University in South Florida. Architecture is usually associated with defined lines, measurements and precision, yet, Haupt ventures far beyond the barriers of architecture in his oil paintings. He aspires to magnify the precise measurements that architecture demands, as a dialog of two opposing sides within the same space he is searching for.

Two Magentas in White
17026 – Two Magentas in White,
2009, Henning Haupt, 72 x58 in.
Oil on Canvas

"In general my paintings are strongly dependent on the use of the color material in combination with a process that is driven by the search for spaces or atmospheres, which can only exist within color."________________________Henning Haupt

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