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Silvio Gayton was born in Havana, Cuba. He studied at the National School of Fine art San Alejandro for seven years without interruption, and took courses at the School of Advertising. For reasons which, call for no mention, Silvio decided to emigrate. He first went to Caracas Venezuela where he worked for advertising agencies. He next moved to Madrid where he also engaged in similar work. Finally, in 1966 he established residence in the United States, in 1975. As in his days living in Cuba, he learned a living by engaging in commercial and design artwork. However in Silvio’s painting he provides the true measure of his professional knowledge, his power of invention and his capacity for success, and to his art he gives himself Silvio Gayton is one of the most fully realized personalities in Cuban art of the new generation. At first glance the canvases of Silvio Gayton, generally large in scale, give the impression of mosaics. Only when viewed from close range the differences in texture, the varying thicknesses on impasto, and the rich oily colors make it clear that the compositions are indeed paintings; shining, transparent and full of life! They also convey an impression of obscurity, but this is also dispelled upon closer observation. The ideas Gayton has developed, tough cryptic in nature, give up their secrets when examined in detail, conveying a message that is altogether clear. At first the viewer may feel lost in a labyrinth from which there is no exit, but after a period of contemplation he discovers the thread of ariadne that leads to understanding. Behind the veil of glittering detail that sweeps to the edge of the canvas are forms built of color, filled with meaning. The viewer now perceives the reality the artist is addressing and the wealth of talent he possesses for visual expression.

Jose Gomez-Sicre
Authority on Latin American Art
& Founder and First director of
The Museum on Modern Art of Latin American


Silvio Gayton

Being an artist is an endless soul searching quest.

Creativity is what is most important to me. When I paint, style is something that I do not immediately think about. In fact, I think that it sometimes ties an artist down. Images change and so should expression. In my paintings for example, you will see a variety of images that challenge your perception and perhaps even lead you to discover new worlds where forms inspire your own imagination. I try to make people think beyond color, composition, theme or artistic conventions. I want them to be present to experience my work in the here and now, without regard to the past or to the future. Spontaneity, reckless abandonment, whatever you want to call it, this is how I work.
This is who I am.